• 12 Bucket List Travel Moments of 2016

    While it’s a truth universally acknowledged that 2016 wasn’t great for the world, personally I was lucky enough to spend more time than ever before exploring new places and ticking some of my never-ending bucket list.  Here are just a few of the amazing experiences I had this year through my travels in Australia, Indonesia, Fiji and South […]

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  • Snorkelling in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

    Whilst in Fiji I had the best snorkelling experience(s) of my life on the coral reefs of the Yasawa Islands.  Although we only stayed at one island the variety of colourful coral and fish present in the waters just off the beach on a day-to-day basis was extraordinary and, although I’m a comfortable open water […]

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  • 5 things to know before visiting Fiji

    On my way from Australia to the UK I stopped in Fiji for a week and fell in love.  The landscape, the animals and the people were just some of the things that completely exceeded my expectations for this country but there were a few things I could have done with a heads up on beforehand. 1. They’re […]