postojna caves slovenia

One of the best things about Slovenia is how much unspoiled natural beauty is on display and also how incredibly easy it is to travel around and see it in such a short space of time. In total we were in Slovenia for 4 days and by basing ourselves in the capital of Ljubljana managed to spend a day exploring the stunning Lake Bled, and another in Postojna.

Why Postojna? Well Slovenia is renowned for its vast underground cave network… with caves this famous you really can’t come here and not explore at least one section of them. Although we had been advised that there were less touristy and perhaps even more beautiful options by our Airbnb host, we had already settled on Postojna Caves as they were the most popular and easily accessed by public bus from the capital.  They also have an underground train and a castle built into the caves… need I say more? I was already sold.

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This past bank holiday weekend we headed to Hay-on-Wye on the border of Wales specifically for the purpose of obtaining a lot of books. If you’ve been reading along for a while now this will come as no surprise but for those who may have stumbled across the blog for the first time the secret’s now out… I am a huge bookworm. Not only is Hay renowned for its many vast and unique second-hand bookshops but it also plays home to the Hay Festival, which just so happened to also coincide with our visit.

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48 hours in paris

So here’s the thing about visiting Paris from London, the Eurostar has made it so convenient that going for a long weekend seems like the most sensible of ideas… in fact it would be rude not to when you can reach the city of lights faster than you can get to Exeter!

The only problem then is trying to nail down your itinerary. You could easily spend a week in Paris and not see all of the museums, cathedrals and districts that are recommended… so if you’re on a time constraint and want to see a bit of everything I’ve picked out a few of my favourite activities and sights (don’t say I never gave you anything!)

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bled slovenia

If you’re planning a trip to Slovenia it’s most likely that Bled is already on your itinerary… after all it’s the subject of most of the associated google images and its lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

It’s not all about the lake (it’s mostly about the lake) but there are a couple of other points of interest worth checking out if you’re making a trip to Bled and also some yummy food you MUST try that the region is famous for.  Follow my step-by-step itinerary for the perfect day.

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slovenia for adventurers

Slovenia is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean… a country with a beauty to rival Switzerland or Austria but with nowhere near the same amount of tourists.  It is however, undoubtedly becoming more popular as a short-break European destination and this is only likely to continue as more and more people discover its many delights, most notably the natural landscapes and the opportunities for outdoors activities that will lead you to best see and appreciate them.

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tromso city guide

Did you know that one of my favourite places I’ve visited is a tiny little place in the Arctic Circle of Northern Norway. Yes, on first glance Tromso might not seem worth a specific visit, but it’s actually full of surreal and wonderful activities that you can’t do anywhere else: ride a cable car in the midnight sun; visit the world’s northernmost cathedral;┬ásee Amundsen’s flag that marked him as the first person to reach the South Pole; and if you’re lucky spot the Northern Lights. Tromso is full of magic.

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