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How to book your next hotel

by Kat

One Love Hotels is a hotel comparison website with a difference. Set up by husband-and-wife team and avid travellers Evan and Maria, this new site works much like your average comparison website – when you do a search it brings up a list of the best prices and re-directs you to the sites they’re sold on in order to book – but there are a number of things that set it above its competitors.

hotel comparison siteTrusted recommendations

Although the database compares prices on over 5 million hotels worldwide what makes it that much more personal is that there’s a curated section where you pick your destination and can see Evan and Maria’s hotel recommendations for that area.

Make no mistake the recommendations are based on their actual experiences staying in these places and when you click through to each hotel you can read a write up about different aspects of the hotel from their stay and see photos taken on their trip rather than just the usual promotional hotel photos.  It’s the equivalent of getting a recommendation from a friend and perfect for when you don’t know anyone who’s been to your destination before!

Making a difference

The most important difference between OLH and other booking comparison sites is that Evan and Maria have designed the site so that something good comes out of your travels.  With every booking that is made through the site they earn 7-10% commission (at no extra cost to the traveller) and donate half of that commission to charity.  That means every time you book through them you’re actually helping to make a donation as well as book yourself a holiday.

hotel comparison site

It’s important that you become a member on the website in order to choose which UNICEF charity you want your contributions to go towards.  At the moment there are a choice of three so you could help to fund: children’s education in Rwanda; clean water, shelter and food for children in Syria; or vaccinations for children worldwide.  Once you’ve chosen your charity 50% of the commission on any bookings you make will automatically go towards that project.

Signing up is extremely easy, (you don’t need to fill out any personal information, only when you actually come to make a booking) all you need is to connect your Facebook account by clicking a button and you’re done.  From that moment on any booking you make will also be donating towards the cause of your choice.

I really think this is such a great innovative idea and completely believe in Evan and Maria’s amazing vision.  Seeing how much money has already been raised for each appeal is heartwarming and you can just imagine how much potential there is to raise substantial amounts in the future.  I’ll certainly be using OLH for my next hotel booking.

This post was brought to you in partnership with One Love Hotels but that in no way influenced my admiration for this company and it’s vision.

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Brittany 09/10/2016 - 01:05

Oh my gosh, what an amazing site! Pinning, sharing, and using One Love Hotels from now on!!

Kat 09/10/2016 - 01:07

Such a great idea isn’t it? I’m going to be using them too from now on!
Thanks for the comment <3


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