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Back in June I spent 5 wonderful days in the centre of Ubud in Bali and completely fell in love with the place.  From it’s penchant for healthy-living to the beautiful lush green surroundings to the wonderful people I’ve never been anywhere that had quite so much of an impact on me.  I still think about Indonesia all of the time and while I plot a way to get back there I wanted to share my top tips on what to do, where to eat and where to stay to get the best out of this incredible place.


infinity pool

Holidaying in Indonesia from Australia can make you feel like a millionaire – even if you’re travelling on a budget- but while you can treat yourself to all of the hour-long massages for $12 you like you probably still won’t be able to afford to stay at one of the resorts with a beautiful infinity pool that Bali has become famous for.  These places cater for those with cash to splash and are often celeb-studded.  There is however sometimes a way to gain access without having to pay the price of a night’s stay (and it doesn’t involve any breaking and entering!)


bali cycling

Thanks to the huge popularity of Eat, Pray, Love I think most of us now picture ourselves on holiday in Bali cycling through the rice paddies like Julia Roberts.  It’s a romantic notion and one that I was determined to be more than a dream, after all I really like cycling (in moderation because those seats are not kind to us ladies).

Flash forward to me in the middle of my trip to Ubud.  I’ve gotten over my culture shock and am fully loving life in Bali,  I’ve adjusted to the forty degree heat as much as I’m ever going to, I’ve got my helmet on and my bike and I’m ready.  “It’s really easy” our guide tells us, “it’s all cycling downhill”.  Famous last words.