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visit cape town

If you keep your eye on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list that comes out at the end of every year you might have noticed Cape Town sitting (very) pretty at number 2 on the top cities to visit in 2017 and as it so happened I began the year there myself… where I soon discovered exactly how it had earned the position. Now because a picture says a thousand words I’ll leave the beauty of Cape Town and the surrounds to speak for itself through a selection of photos I took over the course of our trip.


safari in south africa aquila

Just before the end of the year during our Christmas family trip to Cape Town we took 2 days out to travel to Aquila Game Reserve and fulfill that lifelong dream so many of us have… to go on safari. While the number one place to safari in South Africa is of course Kruger National Park, our limited time meant we couldn’t reasonably travel that far, so we opted to spend 2 days/1 night at a smaller game reserve around 2 hours from the city. Of course this made the experience a little different as all of the animals are in a much more closely confined area (although it is still HUGE and not at all like seeing them in a zoo) which makes the job of finding them for the tour guides a lot easier. However we still didn’t see everything they claim to have there, which does show the scale of the area where the wildlife lives, and what we did see we were lucky enough to get really close to… especially the big cats (more on that later).